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Mystery Of Incomplete Construction of Kakanmath Temple in India, Morena (M.P)

Latest News| Posted Date - July 29, 2018, 02:12 AM IST

Gwalior.  Kikammath Temple in Sihonia in Morena, about 70 kilometers away from the city, is the center of attraction for tourists from abroad. Once known as Sinhnani Nagar, Sihoniya is known for the reason of Kikammath temple in the world tourism map.

The construction of the Kikammath Temple was done by King Kirti Raj in the 11th century by the Kachwaha dynasty (Kachchh Pratash). His queen was the exclusive devotee of Lord Shiva. At the same time, this Shiva temple was constructed. It was named after it.

Kikammath Temple is built in north Indian style. North Indian style is also known as Nagar style. During the eighth to the century, temples were built in the civil style. Kikamamath Temple is an excellent example of this Sculptures.

Lime and Cement have not been used anywhere in the construction of the Kikammath Temple. The temple was built by keeping the stones balanced. This temple has been facing many natural storms for so long but it stands alone and the small temples were destroyed.
There is also a quotes about the temple that it was made by the ghosts in one night, but  because of sun rise, the ghosts had to leave work incomplete. Even today, seeing this temple, it seems that its construction remained incomplete.

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