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Mystery of Ishwara Mahadev Mandir Morena, Madhya Pradesh, India

Onpeaks | Source:News India is no less than anywhere. The mysteries here mostly involve spirituality. This is the story of God Mahadev Pooja, which is about 20 miles away from the dense forests in Purnagarh, near Pahargarh in Morena, remains a mystery. Nearly 1000 years ago, in these forests, the God Shiva ascended under the natural waterfall was found.

According to peoples, it was founded by Ravana's brother Vibhishan. Since then, Jalabhushak is on the top of Shivlinga continuously with a waterfall. An invisible power of Shiva is worshiped between three and a half to four o'clock in the morning. Nobody knows who chooses to worship in the dark nights of this Shivalinga during the dark night.

Visitors get their own balpatra and flowers on Shivling. In order to know this secret, the then King Pancham Singh of Pahargarh kept his soldiers guarded there. At three o'clock in the night all the soldiers became unconscious. The king went there in the morning, they all got unconscious, but Shiva was worshiped. Interestingly, there are flakes of up to three leafy ballets to 21 leaf belpets.

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