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Harness the power of positive thinking when your family doesn't help you

I know that the family can really suck.

I know they 're supposed to support you most in your weakest moments ... but for some unexplainable reason, it's never going to happen to a lot of people.

I, Martins, I'm one of those guys.

There are moments that I'd have odd thoughts and do uncomfortable stuff, but no one in my family showed any sign of concern at all for the fact that I had those thoughts in the first place!

No one asked whether and why I was feeling like that. Not for once, either. Never, never.

This hurts my heart. A lot.

I've taught myself to depend on the use of certain strategies and techniques to help me get up (motivate myself) when I'm down (sad or discouraged). I'm going to share some of these with you today, too.

A man has to do what he's got to do to live and get through every stressful day, regardless of his or her present state of mind ... whatever the cost! This might also include you absolutely excluding negative family members from your life in one way or another!

The members of your family are expected to be there for you, regardless of the situation, so if they don't, that can make you pretty sad.

Remove negative people and negativity from your life is by far one of the best things you can do.

Removing negative people and negativity from your life is by far one of the best things you can do for your history, present , and future selves. Serious!

I've also tried to incorporate some "Coping Techniques and Methods" to help me feel a lot better and live with a more optimistic feeling around me every day.

Today , I'm going to share some of these helpful stuff with you so that you can support yourself when you feel hurt, discouraged or rejected.

What can you turn to and what can you do to make yourself feel good?

15 Ways to Boost Your Motivation for Success

1: Turn back to Christ 

Yeah, that's right. He is the one person who never fails me; I talk to him in prayer, and he motivates and drives me to become the best in everything I do.

2: Take a look at your mates 

I switch to my friends (online and offline.) Usually, I chat to people on Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. My social media friends are my newfound "family" and they know what to say to make me feel better even at my lowest moment.

I sometimes post status messages, tweet and make videos about what's going on and how I feel about it.

Often when I feel like talking to someone close to me, I just send a private message to one (or more) of my good friends.

My online friends are by far the most amazing people I've ever met in my entire life, even though I know most of them (virtually) from the internet.

3: Ignore your family and stay positive, no matter what. 

I know this is a very difficult thing to do. Fortunately, I've learned a few strategies to help me do this. The one that seems to work best, actually, is the use of constructive assumptions.

Positive claims are sentences that you recite and/or read to yourself every day.

"Affirmations are basically a bunch of positive statements that you repeat on a daily basis.

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