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Paid Memberships Pro Plugin : Create Members Group

Today , we're going to talk about how to group your Paid Memberships Pro members into a better organization. We will explore the benefits of building and maintaining your Paid Memberships Pro classes. We will also delve into merging community filters with other filters to achieve our desired results and to aim for a better organization and great customer service on your website.
If you run a Paid Memberships Pro platform, you will build public and private social networks for special interest groups. This is especially useful when working with a large number of users and you want to divide them into various categories.  The user groups are designed to be used internally, so it’s easier for you and your team to organize and search the users based on their groups
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Creation of member groups 

You can build new groups in the Users Insights > User Groups section. You can set the name, color and description for each group you create, so it's easy for you to see the groups in the Users Insights table. This is helpful as you can easily understand which group the consumer belongs to, just by looking at the color of the group.

Once you have finished creating a group, you can change the group settings for each member in the user profile section of the Users Insights plugin. You may associate a individual with more than one group or exclude them from one or more groups.

Bulk assigning members to a group

Instead of assigning members to a group one by one which is a tedious and a monotonous task, you can bulk assign them. This means that you can select multiple users and assign them to a group altogether. To do this, select the users you want to add to a group and click on Bulk Actions > Add to group.
If you want to add all the displayed users to a group, click on the checkbox next to the Username heading on the table and then click Bulk Actions > Add to group.

Member groups Vs. User segments

Although both these two are closely related in terms of functionality, there is a difference that we will learn here. Member groups are created to bring together the same type of users or to categorize the users in terms of the ways they interact with your membership website. However, user segments is something that lets you save a set of custom smart filters that you can later use, instead of applying the filters every single time.

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