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Why Men are More Vulnerable to Diabetes? Here is the Explanation

Research in the UK says that men are more susceptible to diabetes compared to women. Biologically, the cause of diabetes more easily affects men. That is why, men are required to be more disciplined in controlling weight.

The theory explains that men tend to be more sensitive to insulin compared to women. In addition, the male body also stores fat around the organs, not under the skin like women (visceral fat deposition).

In a study involving the Scottish Diabetes Research Network Epidemiology Group from the University of Glasgow, there were 95,057 men and women with type 2 diabetes. Analyzing their age and BMI, it was found that men could suffer from diabetes despite their lower BMI scores.

The age of men with diabetes was lower compared to women, an average of 59.2 years compared with 61.6 years in women.

What Causes Diabetes in Men?
One of the findings that is interesting enough about the causes of diabetes in men is the hormone testosterone. For men, this hormone plays a role in forming muscles, sound, genital organs, libido, and also influences how fat builds up in the stomach.

Apparently, if the amount of testosterone is normal, then the accumulation of fat in the stomach will be low. According to studies, men with the lower testosterone hormone have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than women.

Other causes of diabetes in men are multifactorial. Some risk factors include:
  • Heredity
  • Obesity
  • High consumption of sugar and carbohydrates
  • The Difference between Men and Women Diabetes

In fact, the symptoms of diabetes in men and women are not much different. Sufferers will experience continuous thirst, frequent urination, weakness, headaches, until weight loss.

The difference between them is that men also lose muscle mass. High blood sugar levels can cause the damage of muscle and fat cells and cannot produce energy. This condition is more common in men who suffer from type 1 diabetes and causes sufferers to become weak. While in women, they can also experience bladder infections.

Erectile dysfunction is also the symptoms for men. About 75% of men who suffer from diabetes also experience erectile dysfunction or impotence. This is caused by damage to blood vessels and nerves, due to high levels of glucose or sugar in the blood. In fact, these two parts are very important in the erection process and overall penile performance.

Fungal infections in the genital area can also occur in men who suffer from diabetes. This condition is generally characterized by the appearance of itching, redness, and swelling of the penis.

In addition, men are more prone to diabetes even though their BMI scores are lower than women.
In many cases, women experience diabetes when they are in the menopause period. Hormonal changes coupled with the menopause period cause weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and increased blood glucose.

Be Aware of the Causes of Diabetes Due to Obesity

One trend that raises concerns about type 2 diabetes is the high level of obesity. Over time, being overweight will make cells in the muscles, liver, and fat tissue no longer respond to insulin properly or usually called insulin resistance. Insulin is needed to enter glucose from the blood into the tissues.

Another thing that also plays a role in causing diabetes is a body that is not actively moving. Besides being closely related to obesity, being inactive also makes a person difficult to lose their weight.

That's why at least 7 million Americans have a risk of diabetes but don't realize it. For that, always paying attention to what you consume can be a preventive measure for diabetes.



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