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WordPress Plugin LifterLMS Review

Online learning is the new way of delivering education for work, hobbies or any other subject. It’s cheap, on-demand and bang on trend. If you want in on the action, there are plugins out there that can deliver online courses with minimum effort. One of those is LifterLMS.
We have spent considerable time working with LifterLMS and have setup a course on one of our client websites. We have created lessons, built courses, added achievements and used some of the premium addons. We have spent several days tinkering with the plugin, trying to find fault, looking at it through the eyes of a buyer to see what it offers and whether it is worth the money or not.

What is LifterLMS?

LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin designed to provide an LMS (learning management system) from which you can deliver online courses. It can work with your existing WordPress theme or be built into a new one and lets you create an online learning portal. The core plugin is free with payment for add-ons starting from $99.
Becoming the next Udemy is easier than ever!
LifterLMS is comprised of a core plugin that is the learning management system. It also opens the door for premium addons such as payment gateways, content dripping, paywalls, assignments and other features.
There are hundreds of websites on the internet offering online training. Many popular websites include Udemy, Lynda, The Open University in the UK, The Digital College, Coursera and edX to name a few.
These are all dedicated to online learning and provide a self-supporting ecosystem for learning.
Other websites will offer online courses or training as part of an offering or to supplement their products or services. These value-add features help increase the chances of a purchasing decision and have proven useful for many businesses online.
You could also literally build a business around courses you create or publish.
Whichever way you plan to implement online learning, you’re going to need a platform that allows you to create that learning ecosystem on your website.
LifterLMS does exactly that. It plugs into your existing WordPress installation and enables you to create entire courses, complete with lessons, assessments, certifications, achievements and social aspects.

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