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4 Proven Memberships Site Models

What membership site models will be the most profitable for your business? (Yes, you can combine more than one!)
It’s a question you’ll need to answer in order to create a membership site that will enhance and grow your current business. There are different types of online course sites and experiences you can create based on your strengths as a teacher, leader, and business owner… and what your ideal customers are willing to invest in, too.
Type of membership site you choose can make or break your offer, and affect conversions and the long term sustainability of your site.
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Types of Membership Site Models

In this guide to membership site models, you’ll see the leading membership site types along with membership site.

1. A Community-Focused Membership

The community-focused membership site is all about facilitating strong relationship-building among your paying members.
Some of the identifying features of a community-focused membership include:
  • A member directory, where users can search for, and connect with, one another.

2. Coaching and Accountability Membership

This type of membership is often called group coaching, and it packs a lot of value for the participants.
Generally, you’d offer live office hours or coaching calls where members can show up, ask questions, get support, and accountability. You can also create opportunities for the coach or leader to keep track of participants’ progress, encouraging them if they get stuck along the way.

3. Done for You Resources

This type of membership offers a big time savings for its members by eliminating time-consuming work and offering a resource that can be used as is or with minor tweaks.
With a done-for-you recurring subscription program, which can be monthly or yearly, it’s easier to bundle your work and also to drip the content out over time.

4. Retainers and Other Service Memberships

The best way to describe this type of membership is a client dashboard. It can be used to facilitate the process of onboarding a new client… Or, you might use the membership site after the services have been delivered, as a way to stay in touch with a client and offer additional training or resources.
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