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Paid Memberships Pro Customization and Development

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While building sites using Paid Memberships pro, we found some few scenarios where you would require custom development or customization as well.
When it comes to building membership sites, WordPress has a problem of plenty. How to choose the right one is dealt in details by various prominent voices in WordPress community hence we will talk specifically about Paid Memberships Pro.


Free and Paid. You can download and start immediately. There is paid support if you wish to opt for it.


Extremely responsive support. We have used paid support for one of our client.

Payment Gateway

Extensive range of payment gateway supported out of the box viz. Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Authorize.net & Cybersource

Ease of use

Quite easy to add & configure new levels.
Here are some of the scenarios where you would need Paid Memberships Pro development and customization :

Add new payment gateway

What if the payment gateway you want is not listed and you need to add it in paid memberships pro ? We can build support for payment gateway.

Access Paid Memberships Pro functionality as web service

Does your site serve as a backend for a web app or mobile app ? Default flow is not available when you need to access the functionality via web service and will need to custom code for this.

Access / modify / assign membership levels programmatically

Some of the scenarios we have encountered in past where you would need this:
  1. You might have a custom workflow which triggers change in membership levels based on certain conditions not controlled in Paid Memberships Pro workflow.

Build custom plugin to work with Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro can be enhanced by custom development and customization via adding your own plugins/add-ons.

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