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Events Manager Website with Paid Memberships Pro

There are two kinds of stores. One– a brand-owned store. For example an Apple Store — it sells products belonging to only one brand. And, the other– a store which sells products belonging to different brands. For example, Best Buy — you’d find products from AppleMicrosoftDell and so on.
You could draw a parallel between these stores and event management websites as well. There are some events websites which sell tickets for their own events. And others which allow third-party organizations to sell their event tickets.
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The primary difference between the two is management.

Management Problems can be Solved using Membership

Members are easier to control

With membership, a user is tied to your website. You can control the user’s activities and access, and maintain the user’s history:
  1. You can control the user’s access
  2. You can restrict the number of events a user can post, or the number of images a user can upload
  3. You can maintain a history of events posted
  4. You can maintain reviews about the user
  5. You can prevent the member form posting events by suspending his/her membership

How to Add Membership to Your Event Management Website

For your event management website built with Events Manager you can seamlessly integrate a membership plugin using the hooks the plugin provides.
A membership plugin I would recommend would be Paid Membership Pro. Paid Membership Pro is a solid plugin. But there’s another reason why I’d recommend using PMPro with Events Manager.
It’s because I know both plugins would work perfectly well together, since I have hands on experience integrating the two!

Setting-up Paid Membership Pro

  1. You have to begin by setting up membership levels
  2. Each membership level has to be associated with a price
  3. We also have to assign an event posting limit* with each level as meta value.
Contact us for More information about Memberships Website Services, We are official Developer partner of Paid Memberships Pro.

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