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Why you Choose ExpressTech Softwares for PMPro Customization

Custom Paid Membership Pro Add-ons
Why limit your choice of Paid Membership Pro addons to the ones provided by Stranger Studios? Build your own addon to run alongside Paid Membership Pro and add in features and functionality that’s tailor made to suit your business.

Payment Gateway Integration

Can’t find support for your choice of payment gateway on Paid Membership Pro? Don’t panic. Paid Membership Pro can be customized to work with most gateway plugins, even if you don’t see it listed by default. Let us know your requirements and we’ll add in the perfect payment gateways for you.

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Integration Third-Party Plugins

Paid Membership Pro works best when in tandem with a host of other plugins, be it an ecommerce plugin or a learning management system. And we just happen to specialize in those! We optimize Paid Membership Pro to integrate seamlessly with 3rd party plugin so that you never have to worry about getting paid for your work.

Setup a Memberships Website
If you’re looking to build a memberships website powered by Paid Memberships Pro, look no further. Not only can we get a full fledged website up and running in the least possible time, but also customize it to the T to suit all you business needs.

Template Customization

Add a personal touch to your Paid Memberships Pro website. Is your site powered by Memberlite? We’re experts when it comes to CSS customization and front end experience. Let us know your design choices and we’ll personalize your Memberlite (or any other) template to act as a perfect reflection of your brand value.

Custom Paid Membership Pro Development

Whether it’s building a custom functionality into Paid Membership Pro, or integrating the plugin with an external application, our Paid Membership Pro developers have got you covered.

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